Teddy Konickson

Inspiring Novelist and Award-Winning Author

Teddy Konikson was born in Kenya on July 1st, 1999. His parents had the most romantic love story where an American guy visits Kenya for vacations and gets swooped by the beauty and grace of a native African at a beach. Could that be any more romantic? his imaginative mind sought the world of fiction as a way to create a reality where endless possibilities exist. Most of his life was spent in Kenya and moving to the states with his family was a blessing in disguise, the land of opportunity as they call it is where he would realize his dreams fruition.

Teddy was always interested in science fiction movies and books since childhood. He had built his own fictional reality where he let his ideas run free. In the comics and manga he read evil was always outshined by justice. He is a big fan of Marvel and DC but prefers Marvel a bit more (Though he can uphold hours-long conversations on the glory of every DC superhero that exists). His love for science fiction is not limited to DC and Marvel as he enjoys Anime and various Japanese Manga series, with his favorite being “Attack on Titan.”

His passion for writing is inspired by George R. R. Martin. However, this is not all he does. In his spare time (or when he doesn’t have any new comics left to read ;)), Teddy also edits anime music videos (amv) for his YouTube channel (Yuki-Onna?). (Yuki Yona Amv)

Oh, and he likes saying Okie dokie quite often